Nitrogen Generator w/ Built-in Blender

Nitrogen generators allow for custom gas blends tailored to specific beer styles. Whether it’s ales, lagers, or nitrogenated beers like Guinness, the blend can be adjusted to achieve optimal results.

This wonderful modular design allows the unit to be wall-mounted, separated from the storage tank, and placed in different locations

Benefits of Nitrogen Generators

Consistent Pour Quality

A nitrogen generator guarantees a steady and seamless beer dispensing process. Nitrogen bubbles, known for their smaller size, produce a velvety foam that enhances the visual appeal and overall enjoyment of the drink. Through precise blending of nitrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) by the gas mixer, an optimal mixture is achieved to avoid excessive foam or inconsistent pouring.

Cost Savings

Restaurants can reduce their expenses on gas by switching from conventional nitrogen cylinders to an on-demand nitrogen generator. Purchasing and refilling nitrogen cylinders can be costly, while generators offer a cost-effective solution by ensuring a steady supply of nitrogen without the requirement for frequent replacements.

Wider Beer Serving Range

The nitrogen generator allows restaurants to serve a variety of beers, including dark and heavy ones that are challenging to pour with CO2 alone. Nitrogen doesn’t dissolve in beer like CO2 does, making it ideal for certain styles.

Better Falvor & Aroma

Nitrogen doesn’t alter the flavor of beer, unlike CO2. As a result, beers dispensed with nitrogen maintain their original taste and aroma, enhancing the overall drinking experience.


Nitrogen Cylinders

Nitrogen cylinders serve various purposes in the beverage industry, especially when it comes to nitrogen-infused drinks.

Sizes and Uses

  • 40cf Nitrogen Cylinder: These smaller cylinders are designed to fit inside a kegerator. They are ideal for single or paired nitro taps.
  • 255cf Nitrogen Cylinder: These cylinders are suitable for moderate demand. Common applications include beer gas blends.
  • For businesses with moderate beer gas consumption, it’s typical to pair a 255cf Nitrogen cylinder with a Gas Blender alongside a bulk CO2 tank.

Gas Blenders

Gas blenders allow precise on-site blending of gases. They can mix a source of either bulk or cylinder CO2 with nitrogen from a cylinder or a nitrogen generator.

The blender ensures an accurate blend gas mix ratio (within +/- 2%) of the supplied gases. Blenders are offered at a monthly rental rate in conjunction with your cylinder rental.

Nitrogen Generators

For taprooms, restaurants, or bars that use more than one 255cf cylinder every 4 weeks, a Nitrogen Generator may be a more efficient and cost-effective option.

Nitrogen generators often come with a built-in blender, simplifying the process of creating nitrogen-infused beverages.

In summary, whether you’re serving nitro coffee, Guinness, or other nitrogen-infused drinks, understanding the right cylinder size and considering gas blending or nitrogen generation can enhance your beverage offerings.