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Smaller Yet Effective

Your go-to setup if bulk service is not an option at your location

Near U CO2 introduces the innovative Hands-Free CO2 service designed to streamline your CO2 supply management. In situations where Traditional Cylinder services may be suitable for low volume or challenging delivery locations, our Hands-Free CO2 service automates the delivery process, offering a hassle-free solution for your CO2 needs.

This innovative setup automatically switches the regulator from one cylinder to the other once the first one is depleted, ensuring a continuous supply of CO2 without interruptions during peak hours. This feature not only saves time and minimizes errors but also prevents serving flat beverages.

In addition to the seamless transition between cylinders, this system provides users with a convenient window to place their next CO2 delivery order, ensuring smooth operations and uninterrupted service.

Benefits of Hands-Free CO2 Auto System

Automated Deliveries

With Hands-Free CO2, you can benefit from automated CO2 deliveries that eliminate the need for manual oversight. Our advanced monitoring systems anticipate your CO2 requirements, ensuring that your supply remains consistent without any manual intervention.

Continuous Supply

Near U CO2's Hands-Free service guarantees a continuous and uninterrupted CO2 supply for your business. By securely delivering CO2 through innovative proprietary auto-switching regulators, the system will detect when your cylinder is empty and switch to the next available full tank.

Enhanced Efficiency w/ Telemetry 

Experience enhanced efficiency in managing your CO2 supply with our Hands-Free service. Focus on optimizing your operations while we handle the logistics of ensuring your CO2 supply is always available when you need it by detecting when your cylinder pressure is low and delivering before you even know you need it.

Never Run Out Guarantee

With our optional Telemetry Service you can upgrade your gas delivery system with an automated notification that goes directly to Near U CO2 to maintain an operational level at all times. ~ Never Run Out!