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Here's a rundown of each step in the process, ensuring a smooth journey from sign-up to full operation:

Step 1

Job Site Survey, Quote, and Paperwork

  • We'll conduct a thorough job site survey to assess your location's suitability for our services and discuss your requirements and pricing.
  • You'll receive our comprehensive account form, covering service details, pricing, and a credit section. Once you've filled it out, signed, and sent it back, we'll set a convenient installation date.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for your installation appointment.
Step 1

Step 2


  • If you already own your tank, you can skip this step (please provide proof of tank ownership).
  • We'll handle the uninstallation of your old tank, if applicable, and seamlessly install the new one along with any additional hardware.
  • In some cases, extra hoses may be required, as well as an exterior fill port, especially if your tank is located indoors. This fill port, a stylish 6"x6" stainless steel lockable box, grants easy access for CO2 refills, ensuring your team enjoys a hassle-free experience. Installation costs vary based on your building's unique needs. We don't markup installation fees for profit; our focus is getting your business up and running smoothly.
  • We then install the MicroBulk or Bulk CO2 tank at your location, secured to the floor and tailored to fit indoors or outdoors. For indoor setups, we connect a fill line to an attractive 6"x6" locking fill-port box on the exterior wall, ensuring easy, secure access for CO2 refills. This efficient process minimizes your team's effort and maximizes safety.
  • We will discuss specific installation needs during the initial walk-through survey, and the installer will finalize requirements on the day of installation. Installation costs, customized to site-specific needs, are straightforward, with no added profit on our end. We're committed to a smooth and cost-effective start-up for your business.
Step 2

Add On Options

We Offer Two Essential Add-on Services


Our CO2 tank telemetry system goes the extra mile to ensure you never run out of CO2. By remotely monitoring your tank's pressure and providing a real-time reading in our office, it's like having a watchful eye on your CO2 supply. This advanced system not only eliminates the worry of running out but also allows us to schedule your next fill-up proactively. Many businesses find this service to be a game-changer, as it offers complete automation when paired with autopay, allowing you to focus on more critical tasks. Your CO2 services become worry-free, and you can rest easy, knowing you'll always have a steady supply

CO2 Alarms

In California, CO2 alarms are mandatory for indoor tanks exceeding 100lbs, with varying setups required by local codes. It's up to you, the Health Inspector, and your architect to select the setup that ensures compliance. Should you choose to purchase a monitor/alarm combo from us, we proudly offer Analox systems and can install them at the location advised by your architect during tank installation, ensuring both safety and regulatory adherence. These services are designed to enhance safety, convenience, and peace of mind for your CO2 needs.

Add On Options

Step 3

CO2 Delivery

Following installation, we'll send your first delivery to fill your new tank. You'll contact our dedicated Scheduling Manager, Joy, to determine delivery frequency during your initial months of service. Joy will assess your usage rate and establish a delivery schedule for you.

Step 3


Convenient Billing Options

Our office will send invoices via mail or email. You can conveniently pay by phone, use a card on file for swift transactions, or set up auto-pay for a hassle-free experience for you and your accounting team. Equipment rental and deliveries are billed separately on two invoices.



More Help & Support

For any inquiries or issues, you have direct access to our team.

  • Katie Pryor (Your Account Rep.): (916) 846-4876
  • Office (Scheduling/Billing/Help): (530) 665-6090
  • 24/7 line (After hours emergencies): (855) 632-7826

Thank you!
We look forward to working with you for years to come.