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Two great companies (Trico & Near U) joined forces in 2015 to serve Northern California’s fast food restaurants, breweries, convenience stores, brew pubs, and cannabis grows. Trico, a locally owned full-line industrial, medical, and food-grade gas distributor, has been servicing the greater Sacramento area for over 25 years. In the 90s, Trico was known as TriCo Welding Supplies before rebranding. Their expertise in selling, installing, and designing complex industrial gas systems for local businesses is unparalleled.

Formerly, Trico partnered with the former manager of Northern California’s largest Bulk Beverage CO2 supplier to form a new alliance aimed at servicing the complete needs of the carbonated beverage marketplace. This strategic partnership brought together decades of experience and knowledge in the industry, ensuring that businesses receive top-notch service and quality products.

Industrial Gas Specialist Armondo in a safety vest standing in front of a Near U CO2 bulk delivery truck.
Armondo is a long-time filling specialist who started with TriCo and is now leading the CO2 filling area with decades of knowledge in the industrial gas industry.

The team at Near U CO2 boasts the most experience in the game, with a track record dating back to the 90s. Their hands-on experience in selling, installing, and designing industrial gas systems sets them apart as industry leaders. With a deep understanding of the needs of businesses in the Sacramento area, Near U CO2 is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and exceptional service to its valued customers.

At Near U CO2, our foundation lies in a commitment to elevate the customer experience within the industry. Our inception was fueled by a recognition of the deficiencies in the market that left customers feeling underserved and undervalued. The driving force behind Near U CO2 was the vision to offer a superior option – one that prioritizes the delivery of quality beverage-grade CO2 coupled with unparalleled customer service, transparent pricing, accessibility, robust infrastructure, and reliable deliveries. As we continue to receive positive feedback from our customers, it reaffirms that we are effectively executing our mission to set new standards in the industry.

Choose the right solution for your business with Near U CO2. Benefit from their industry-standard Chart Industries’ low-pressure Bulk Beverage CO2 systems that ensure perfectly dispensed soda and beer pours every time. With a focus on maximizing high-margin beverage profits and eliminating run-outs, Near U CO2 puts your business and your customers first.


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